Labinose 43

LabiNose 43 is a fully integrated, manual chemical vapor detection instrument; Commercially named ELECTRONIC NOSE, it is specifically designed to detect and identify complex chemical mixtures that constitute aromas, odors, fragrances, formulations, spills and leaks. It can be used to identify simple mixtures and individual biochemical compounds, it is specifically configured for the detection of Volatile Organic Compounds present in Human Breath.

It has 32 chemosorestores (sensors), the chemoreceptors are composed of carbon polymers incorporated into a matrix. LabiNose 43 has the CDAnalysisTM-Chemometric Data Analysis software, which allows multivariate analysis to establish differences between the healthy group and the group of patients.

The LabiNose 43 team uses the versatile and intuitive PCNose software to "learn" the chemical profile of the Volatile Organic Compounds, which allows us to develop our own libraries of biochemical pathology features. The PCNose software and the NoseChip® arrangement allow us to evaluate the sample with the Algorithm in order to generate a Negative Predictive Value with a high sensitivity greater than 90% of Accuracy. Each measurement is evaluated with a statistical quality rating of 1 to 5 stars.

The intellectual property incorporated in the LabiNose 43 equipment is protected by more than 60 patents in the United States

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